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Jul 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
evidence of u.s.-pakistani distrust. the president says the greater concern is developing a better strategy to win a war he claims was ignored seven years but the bush administration. >> still to come tonight an american auto maker announces a price of a much-anticipated all-electric car. >> san francisco's censored meters. how the city is bank owing them. >> and mild day ted. expecting a repeat tomorrow. then, changes coming up. i'll show you in the accu-weather forecast. >> it's not too late to plan an affordable summer get away. michael finney has tickets to low air fares but you need to act soon. >> the news continuesesesesesess >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> gm announced the price of the chevy volt today. the price is $41,000 but can roll out of the dealership door at $33,000 with tax credits. and there is taking orders with delivery by the end of the year. it's ran up 30,000 in 2012 coming fully loaded. >> there is standard-screen based navigation and fundamental element of the vehicle, extended range capability taking you from 40 miles up to 3
Jul 30, 2010 5:00pm PDT
perfectly clear that sarah, shane and josh have never worked for the u.s. government and that they're open-minded and add convenient truss young people. >> state of arizona is raking in donations for a fund to defend it's immigration law now receiving more than $1.6 million. 75,000 of that came in on wednesday. the day a judge brought the key pro vision of the immigration law. arizona immediately appealed a ruling and today, the court in san francisco said it will take up the case in early november. >> and prosecutors in portland oregon say a 54-year-old massage therapist accused mr. gore of groping her and making unwanted sexual advances. the prurt prosecutors say the case has problems among them, his accuser fail aid polygraph test and appears to have been paid by the "national enquirer". mr. gore denies accusations. >> coming up, a new study finds what is good for battling britel bones may not be good for the heart. >> and it's demolition day at minetta airport paving wait for a project to take off. >> it's going to be cool to warm this weekend. i'm jand patel. i'll show you the te
Jul 16, 2010 5:00pm PDT
strongest to hit within 30 miles of washington, d.c. since u.s. geological survey began keeping records. by mid morning 11,000 people had reporting feeling the fake quake. some as far as pennsylvania and west virginia. >> just started rumbling. the whole building i thought there was a jet going by. >> about five minutes before the thing happened the dog went nuts. began whimpering and complaining. and was very, very upset about something. >> this is common for us but strange in wad. >> state health officials warning consumers not to eat romaine lettuce products packaged by fresh express they may be contaminated by e coli. the company is recalling 40,000 cases in 19 states including here in california. the fresh express brand of romaine lettuce packaged in sizes from seven ounces to 32 ounces and they're marked with a use by dates of july 8 to july 12th and have the letter in that product code. >> and the state reached a settlement with two companies in an effort to eliminate lead in artificial turf used in schools and parks. there is tests found lead levels more than 10 times higher. gr
Jul 26, 2010 5:00pm PDT
responsible for publishing the leaks says he's exposing u.s. war crimes. the white house says he's putting lives at risk. mark matthews is here now with more on the bay area reporter involved in bringing all of this to light. mark? >> this is being called one of the biggest intelligence breeches in u.s. history. 92,000 leaked reports, six years of classified records depicting a messy and brutal struggle in afghanistan. the information leaked includes reports the taliban are using heat-seeking missiles and that pakistan's military spy agency is in league with afghan insurgents including taliban. and accepting billions of dollars in u.s. aid. >> it's posing a real and potential threat to those working hard every day. >> the reports were first posted on wiki leaks, a whistle-blower web site. the information believed to be army specialist brad manning a 35-year-old analyst now in jail in kuwait. the founder of wiki links says there is no public evidence manning is the source. >> as far as we're able is that it's not that he is the source of the material. >> the computer hacker turning
Jul 23, 2010 5:00pm PDT
three minutes. and there is a bang on the doors and after that, silence he was working in the u.s.. his wife and children stayed behind. and this is similar to last sunday's when a virginia man was shot and killed. police want to talk to two people seen in this video taken before that shooting. >> and also an firefighters uncovered a pot-growing operation responding to an apartment fire. 3200 block of telegraph avenue this morning. investigators sate fire started on the first floor, spread together top where the plants were found. no one was home at that time. they're searching for the cause of the fire but ruled out it being electrical. >> starting tomorrow, vallejo will cut the number of police cars by half. it's a direct result of the city crushing deficit two. officers instead of one will be assigned to each car on the road to makeup for the lack of back up. this decision comes a week after the department announced it's also suspending it's canine and s.w.a.t. programs 90 days. >> another black eye for embattled crime lab. a police official says a $140,000 machine could be used to h
Jul 29, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. the president discussed economy, jobs, afghanistan and racial tensions in the u.s.. he blames the media for the forced resignation of shirley sherrod last week but admitted his administration was at fault for condemning statements before viewing the speech on race relation autos a lot of people overreacted and when it comes to race, let's acknowledge of course there is still tensions out there and there are inequalities out there and discrimination out there but we've made progress. >> the president insisted the government will recover all $60 billion in taxpayer money used to wail out the u.s. auto industry last year and expressed confidence in the economic recovery. >> if we get our mojo back over several months then i am absolutely confident that we're going to be doing terrific. >> mr. obama reveal whitd comes to twitter he has a designated tweeter. >> do you tweet? >> i don't tweet. i don't tweet on a regular basis. no. i think there is a official president's tweet. some 20-year-old is doing a lot of the tweeting. >> and the president says he won't be a guest at chelsea clint
Jul 20, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. after 6:30, a fact check on the u.s. senate race. it's coming up at 6:00. >> and finally a philadelphia fifth grader took her fight against bullying to the white house. >> and president obama listened. in january, the 11 11:00 11:00 wrote a letter toot president explaining how she'd been getting bullied in her former school nearly every day. >> she's since transferred to another school. >> took my lunch. took my sandwich. my good sandwich, my mom would make me, fruit cups and juice eefrz day she'd ask did i get mail? her sisters would say they're not writing you back. he's got other things to do. >> that letter signed bit president came in march. >> and in it, the president thanked her and encouraged her to speak with her teachers about being bullied good for her. that is terrific. >> yeah. yeah what. a way to speak out go. right to the top. >> it's awful what kids do to each other. it's a big problem. >> and that ought to get that kid's attention. >> it better. >> world news is next. >> and from all of us here, appreciate your time. thanks for watching. our next newscast i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7